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Are you trying to increase your business by gaining traction in the airline industry? We typically think of pilots and the cabin crew when it comes to the airline industry, but uniforms are also needed for:

  • Dispatchers
  • Ground Crew
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Customer Service
  • Office staff

As of November 2019, nearly 748,590 individuals are employed by the airline industry.  This was a 3% increase since January 2019.  Major, National, Large Regional and Medium Regional airline companies make up the employees who go to work in this industry.  All of which need uniforms that employees can be comfortable in, yet look great.  With Edwards, they will feel and look great day...after day...after day.

Make it Unique

Need stripes?  Maybe epaulets added or decoration?  With Edwards' DIY and Decoration services, you are able to customize uniforms to fit the needs of the airline.  Check out our decoration ideas here.

A Blast From the Past

Our team came across this website showing how airline uniforms have transformed over the last 60+ years.  Look how far we've come.

Let our uniform experts go to work for you!  We have partnered with a number of distributors to outfit airline programs and have the experience needed to help your sales take off.  Whether you know a lot or a little about airline uniform programs, Edwards can help guide you through the process.  Need some ideas?  Check out our 2020 Airline Look Book below and visit for all your image apparel needs.


Let's Chat!

We'd be thrilled to discuss your next apparel opportunity!  Contact your Edwards Territory Manager or our Customer Service team at 800.253.9885.

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