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Your Fun Time Might Turn Into Your Next Uniform Program

Where do you head when you want fun entertainment after work?  Is it the movie theater?  Rooting on your favorite sport team?  Or maybe your favorite musician or band is in town for their latest tour?  I don't get to attend many sporting events or concerts, but when I do it amazes me at the number of uniform program opportunities at our local arenas and concert venues.  

Let's say we are going to a concert.  I have an extra ticket for you so let's enter the arena and walk to our seat and you'll see what I mean.

Parking Lot Attendants: As I pull into the lot in my...let's be serious I have 3 kids under the age of I see attendants working the lots.  Yes, many are being automated but it still takes individuals to staff the lots for big events.  And, they are wearing uniforms.

Security: We park and walk up to the venue.  Of course, safety is very important at these events and the security officers in and around the arena are wearing uniforms.

Box Office/Ticket Checkers/Takers: We made it through the security line and we follow the line of excited patrons to have our tickets (or phones) scanned.  Box Office and Ticket Takers, of course, are wearing uniforms too.

Concessions and VIP Lounge:  As we make our way around the concourse, we see many lines to various concession stands and there's the line to the VIP lounge.  Food & Beverage employees working the concession stands, VIP lounge, bar, restaurant(s) and those eventually walking the rows of attendees are all wearing uniforms.

Maintenance - WATCH YOUR STEP!  Someone spilled their drink and the maintenance employee, wearing a uniform, is in middle of cleaning it up.

Ushers: Okay, section 120.  Here's our section.  As we take our ticket out to show the usher, wearing a uniform, he is nice enough to show us exactly where our seats are and it's time to enjoy the concert.

That's just a glimpse.  Arenas also have Facility Managers, Directors of Operations, additional Guest Relations employees and more!  And, if you made it through this journey with me you'll feel a bit bad for my wife for what she needs to deal with when we go places...and why I had this extra ticket for you!


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