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The Industrial Industry

As we've seen with many other industries, there are many valuable resources available to us on the internet.  We just need to know where to start.  Let Edwards do some of the research for you and you can use the information we provide to increase your opportunities in the Industrial Industry.

So what types of jobs are in the Industrial Industry?  Well, Lawn Care & Landscaping, Nurseries, Home Cleaning, Pool & Window Cleaners, Exterminators, and Appliance or Heating & Cooling Repair to name a few.

You know as well as I do, when a repair person comes to fix something at my house or place of employment, they are usually wearing a uniform.  And, they expect the uniform to hold up to the job and to be Tuff-Tested™.  

I Want To Grow My Business in this Sector - Where Do I Start?

Some popular sites to find service crews to help you at home can also be used to find for uniform opportunities.  It never hurts to reach out and start a conversation about their current uniforms and what they look for in their uniforms.  Just starting that conversation is important.  Here are some websites we recommend:

My Client Has A Low Budget.  What Do You Recommend?

Edwards has uniforms for the Industrial Industry that are friendly for every budget.  Price conscious customers will appreciate the Service Crew Look Book our team has created to give you some ideas.  View our Good, Better and Best ideas for Industrial uniforms here.


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