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POP QUIZ! Where are some program opportunities in the education industry?  Need a hint?  I'm not condoning cheating on a test, but working with Edwards on your next Educational uniform program opportunity is the next closest thing!

Where are uniforms used in schools?  There is a need for uniforms for:

  • Team Clubs
  • Boosters
  • Team Sports
  • Administrators and Recruiters
  • Concessions/Dining
  • Educators
  • Tutors
  • Coaches
When working with a school, especially for a program around their athletic department, make sure to also ask about a school shop/program opportunity for family, friends, fans, alumni and supporters to show their school pride.

The Cliff Notes of Educational Apparel Programs

Edwards has the styles and know-how to help you succeed in landing your next educational apparel program.  We have passed the test and our notes can be found in a Look Book that takes popular Edwards styles and breaks them down by appropriate area.  Check out the Educational page here.


Let our uniform experts go to work for you!  We have partnered with many distributors to outfit educational programs and have the experience needed to help you ace the test.  Whether you know a lot or a little about educational uniform programs, Edwards can help guide you through the process.  Need some ideas?  Check out our 2020 Education Look Book below and visit for all your image apparel needs.  Find out why millions go to work each day wearing Edwards.


Let's Chat!

We'd be thrilled to discuss your next apparel opportunity!  Contact your Edwards Territory Manager or our Customer Service team at 800.253.9885.

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