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I'll Take Comfort with a Side of Features Please

A uniform at a restaurant is more than a look that differentiates the staff from the customers and even job function from job function.  What is important when it comes to ordering the perfect uniform for the Restaurant industry?  Well, first is comfort.  It needs to be a garment that can be worn comfortably for a full shift (sometimes more) each and every day.  Whether that is a 65/35 blend or a 100% Polyester garment, it needs to have a soft hand that the user will love to put on before heading into work for the day.

Also the garment needs to perform.  Just like the individual wearing the uniform, the uniform needs to get the job done.  Shirts and pants that feature Soil Release and Moisture Wicking features are very important features in a restaurant uniform program.

Here's an article on what features drive the Restaurant uniform market.


    Need some ideas?  

    You could check out our Restaurant/Culinary e-catalog below, or you can view these styles that are some of our favorites for Restaurant uniforms:

    Face Coverings for the Restaurant Industry

    Whether restaurants are fully open in your area or limited in their services, we are all getting used to this "new normal" we are in.  Face covers are going to be a big part of this and Bishop, an Edwards Company, has custom Face Covering options here.


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