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Tips For Landing A Government Program

Have you ever thought about landing a program for the government or a government agency? It can be fairly daunting of a task, as the bids are usually well-specified in terms of product details and specifications.  So, what are some tips for landing a program in the government?  Here are some tips from our sales team that is very experienced in these types of programs:

  • Do you have products that line up with the program specifications?
  • How low can you go?  Price is usually the deciding factor.
  • Assuming price is not a factor, are you a small business or woman-owned business? 
  • What are the country of origins of your product?  Of course "Made in the USA" is preferred.
Need any other ideas, The U.S. General Services Administration's website gives you some details on their How to Sell to the Government page.  This is a great place to start.


    Have you thought of?

    • TSA Agents

    Department Agencies:

    • Agriculture
    • Defense
    • Transportation
    • Labor
    • Energy


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