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Have you ever thought about all the job functions that are encompassed in the casino and gaming industry?  Gaming floor, hotels, restaurant, security - some even have their own arenas.  Add up the uniform opportunities and they are endless!

We have some tips on how to get into a casino bid and sometimes it's best to take small steps.  Not all casino uniform program contracts end at the same time, so our team recommends contacting decision makers to find out when their contracts are up and if someone is taking bids for a new uniform program you've got your foot in the door.  Work with our trusted team to blow them away with Edwards image apparel samples at the presentation, land the program and you've got a good chance at landing another program within the casino.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total number of individuals employed in the Gambling Industry was 269,930 as of May 2018.  This number is made up of:
  • Gaming Dealers - 92,530
  • Gaming Services Workers - 173,100
  • Gaming Managers - 4,300
This number is expected to rise at a 5% increase over the next decade as the popularity of casinos continues to rise and more states are opening their doors to casinos.  This industry can be very lucrative for uniform dealers if you land a program.

Evolving Uniforms

With much competition in the casino industry, there is plenty of opportunities to land a uniform program - or at least part of one.  But, with that is the challenge of sticking out.  Uniforms are always evolving and end-users are looking to put their personal stamp on their appearance.  We have some tips that were published in a promo magazine recently that gives you some insight into recent uniform trends, read more.


Let our uniform experts go to work for you!  We have partnered with many distributors to outfit casino programs and have the experience needed so you can bet on Edwards as your supplier partner.  Whether you know a lot or a little about casino uniform programs, Edwards can help guide you through the process.  Need some ideas?  Check out our 2020 Casino Look Book below and visit for all your image apparel needs.  Find out why millions go to work each day wearing Edwards.


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